Sunday, August 16, 2015

They say.....

That a way to honor
a dog that you have loved, and lost.....
Is to save another.
With the help of Big Dog Ranch Rescue
we have opened our hearts and homes
to a very special guy
Meet Finnegan
Finn seems to be his house name
He was brought into this world under
very dire and deplorable circumstances. He was malnourished and neglected....
as were the 66 other great danes that were rescued from a horrendous back yard breeding situation.
It has been closed down.
 Homes are needed for the remaining dogs.
And even though he probably had little or no human contact in his 3-4 years
He has a heart and soul as big as the moon.
He is a love.
Who hugged and smiled at us the moment we met.
He has wounds to care for and needs to fluff up
and we cannot wait to give him all of
the love
and healing
that our heart and arms can hold.
Rescuing a dog saves two...
the one you rescued..
and the one that will take the space,
Think about saving a soul...or donating to the great work that the recues do.
Here's to you, Bo . I know you are smiling...and drooling.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dare to eat a peach....

So as this summer is sailing away at record pace
and temps
 upon the challenge of a friend
I decided to grab the peach by the pit...
Said friend benevolently gifted us with a box of straight off the tree southern freestone peaches
even succulent
Then, said friend, practically challenged....dared me to make a recipe that she makes
Peaches and Crème Brulee
challenge on!
four ingredients
who doesn't love the simplicity of that?
five if you count the peaches
which were hollowed out
in preparation
for a decadent, albeit delish,
crème brulee mixture
It was cooked in a makeshift bain marie...over simmering water
until it hits 180 degrees... and coats the back of a spoon.
:: slurp::
Then filled in the hollowed out peaches....
sugar added
and flamed  for a candied sugared crust with a kitchen torch
Mine was not as pretty as hers....
it was delectable....and you eat the bowl!
recipe adapted from here
Get yee some peaches.

Monday, June 29, 2015

They say....

That the salt in the ocean
is from the tears
of all the misunderstood sharks....
who just wanted to cuddle.
My peaceful early morning walk was interrupted this morning

By a lone fisherman....and the bringing in of a
He was strong, albeit young.

 And could certainly do damage
with his razor sharp teeth and thrashing fighting body
 I did not like watching this fight
yet I watched.
Not so quietly rooting for the shark
and admiring his strong and elegant beauty.

 He was saved. And pulled back in his ocean
Thrashing wildly
 then stealthily moving towards the sun rise
 While the quieter creatures.....continued to do their thing.
he, too, was saved
 I came home to a new appreciation of the
 gifts from the sea

Peace out.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saddest goodbye...

This past week we had to say a
final goodnight
to our beautiful, bold and so so loved
You were our sweetest hello
and our saddest goodbye.

sleep well our gentle knight.

How lucky we were
to know
and love you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Meanwhile in Florence...

Nothing like ancient architecture and modern fixtures.
and a little orange.

call me sucker.

found here

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oh annoying you can be!

Now those of us using blogger can no longer access
Live writer



 Great fun.


Happy weekend, folks.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Design Project: Bringing it In…

How fun to be invited by designers Cindy and Maryann  to take part with other bloggers in a Project Design
project design logo copy
The object: To inexpensively refresh your living room.
Ok….here are a couple that I do pretty regularly
… involving  bringing the outside in.
I am often in the jungle garden with a machete in hand…by necessity
But dayum the cuttings…the strays…are often gorgeous! Not all. But many.
I don’t want to just compost their green and trying so hard…and maybe choking out the other plants souls.
so years ago,  have taken to having a big Talavera jar in the courtyard that happily holds  the cuttings savings…strays of the day or week…or month.
Happy. but more importantly it is a holding area of ever changing greenery I can bring into the casa.
It beats buying house plants that inevitably bite the dust. saving, re-using.
These guys can be happy for weeks in fresh water. Dare say months.
ok…agreed I can get carried away…and it can sometimes look like a bohemian florist warehouse.
A different leaf shape can create a whole new feel in your room.
And I am NOT shy….I manhandle tall limbs and fronds into tiny pots.
everyone lives. everyone happy. keep moving, folks.
I am not beneath bringing in actual pots from outside…moss draped and earthy…they have their own feel.
inevitably…they, too, get filled with the cuttings and seeds
Another freebee with character are collections from nature or gifts from the sea…Rocks, twigs, hornets nests…whatever floats your boat. Amazing how it can serenade the seasons…or remind you of where YOU live.
I am always just plopping these gifts down on a coffee table…
and rearranging again and again. Calorie-free and FREE.
Best game ever.
sometimes the green foliage pulls out a color I had never noticed in the room
…often it is a replica to a color in the house
dog wags tail…tail wags dog?
Another easy fun for the kids one…bamboo grows in our yard out front you may have tree branches…
and it BEGS to be painted once it is cut and dried.
Didn’t know that it begged like that, did’ja?
House paint… acrylics…It’s not fussy.
Never needs to be perfect. Like everything in this house…it just needs to try.
See that piece of wood co-mingling with the flamboyant Liberace  bamboo?It was found a decade ago by my youngest…she would wear it on her shoulder and pretend it was her pet snake.
Hard to let go of THAT kinda friend. So…he joins the happy stray family.
Painted bamboo can move throughout the house and room at whim…perhaps it even does while we are sleeping.
But by far….the most cherished outside in…and inside out stray…
happens to like cookies…and cheese…and chicken wings.
and orange chesterfields…
Now go find the REAL talent….and check out how these lovely bloggers have refreshed their rooms:


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